How soon is now?

How long can I wait? How long should I wait? How long is it right to wait.

You say it can happen when I think it is right to happen, but I no longer know what is or isn’t right. Part of me wants to hand this decision to you; part of me wants it to happen now.

I want you to kiss me hard, to catch your teeth on my lip, to propel your tongue inside my mouth. At the same time I will stand on my tip toes to be nearer to your height and your hands will grab and squeeze my buttocks.

Then you will run your fingertips up my back, flick open the fastening of my bra and tear off my dress. You can push me back onto the bed, dive into my chest and nibble, suck and caress my breasts while I writhe under you, feeling the hardness waiting inside your jeans.

Your fingers will find my damp cavern below and fiddle me into a foaming frenzy. Under my breath I will whisper: “I want you, I want you now.”

I will fumble with your belt and zipper until I capture your throbbing beast, to explore his length and make you sigh in ecstasy. And sigh again, you will, as I crawl down the bed to tour his shaft with my tongue and take as much as I can inside my mouth.

I will do this for as long as it takes for you to writhe and pulsate, before cat-like, I will slowly crawl up your body, brushing my mound along your legs, lingering over your beast.

I will brush against it a little longer as I kiss you hungrily, then slowly, slowly I will lower myself over it, guiding it into my cave.

We will fuck fast and hard, first me pinning you down to enjoy your sighs and ‘Oh Gods’. Then you will sit up, firmly push me onto my back and take me hard and deep, my legs pointing at 90 degrees, my feet near your shoulders.

You flip me over and take me from behind, hard, fast as the bed creaks and bangs against the wall. “Go, go, go!” I will exclaim, as you start to tremble. Then it happens; you spasm, pull out and your seed spurts over my breasts.

Sated, we will collapse together in a sticky heap, exchanging numerous kisses, feeling closer than ever.

So, my original question – how long can I wait?

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