You won’t do for me

You won’t do for me
I’m sure anyone else can see
I had my doubts before me met
Your gushing words made me fret
For just my picture and some prose,
Your feelings for me rose and rose.

But your ex still gives you stress
Your separation remains a mess
She won’t let you see your child
I see that this leaves you riled.

So a new girl is not what you need
Sort all this out or never succeed.
A rebound just sets the wrong tone
Time wasted and you end up alone.

Besides, I just don’t fancy you
To see your face was not a good view
My heart did not flutter
My mind failed to mutter
‘Yes, he is hot, must have him now!’
There was just no sense of wow.

I think you should wait
‘Til you’re in a better state
Then you’re ready to see
Someone else, just not me.

3 thoughts on “You won’t do for me

  1. Ha ha,
    There are certainly an awful lot of frogs to kiss…
    I should admit that I’ve been there too, sitting up late into the wee hours, just to keep up with all that correspondence. So much hope, so little trust, so much build up, so many players.
    And this poem could have described me too, intact I can remember feeling both dejected and grateful to someone who said something similar to me.
    Sorry but my feelings now is anybody expecting that they’ll find solid love in a virtual world needs to be institutionalised. And in this case I suggest the institution should be your local school. Choose the dishiest, most charismatic teacher and sign up for adult education classes. Whatever happens, you’ll get something out of the experience, (art, a language or whatever) and chances are, rub shoulders with someone else who’s also trying to rebuild their life. It’s grounded and on home turf, so much easier than trying to find a needle in a haystack of charlatans, egoists and depressants, but what do I know, croak, croak.
    Good luck DSM in you search.

    • Hi DGS

      You don’t sound like a frog to me! Yes, this virtual thing is one big gamble, but some people do still get lucky.

      But maybe also I’ll look what adult courses are on offer near me – maybe pottery…


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