Any other business

The day got off to its usual slow, frustrating start – the 20-month-old dawdled over his toast, throwing it on the floor when he decided he’d had enough. The seven-year-old had also let breakfast drag out, gazing at a magazine and occasionally shovelling chocolate cereal into her mouth.

After running up and downstairs several times to get school and work things, we piled into the car and got to the end of the road before having to reverse up it again to dash in for a crucial comfort blanket.

But at last, we were away. I dropped the children off with the child minder and set off for work. Seemingly.

Except today I had an important meeting with The Man instead.

It was a grey, wet November morning, and the rain pelted down. I dashed out of the car and ran to his back door, which had been left unlocked in anticipation.

He got up, kissed me softly, and before I had chance to even remove my coat, he took my hand and led me upstairs. We didn’t even say ‘hello’ as he pulled his trousers down to reveal a solid, shiny erect penis. At this point I was sitting on the bed, just at the right height to lean towards it and guide it into my mouth.

I firmly grasped his upper thighs and stroked them as I licked, sucked and fondled the perfect phallus before me, carefully circling the helmet with the tip of my tongue, occasionally letting my teeth gently touch it.

Then he slowly moved onto the bed and turned himself around as I wriggled out of my trousers and pants so that I was lying under his penis and my over-excited vagina was almost leaping for joy to make contact with his tongue. ‘Yes please, now, now,’ it was almost saying!

And it was not disappointed as he flicked it on, around, up and down my clitoris. Tingling waves travelled up my body as I struggled to keep things going at my end and my breathing became deeper, heavier.

He knew I was becoming impatient to have him inside me, but carried on sending me to the edge of jittery madness before moving on top of me and touching the edge of my black hole with the end of his penis. The Man enjoyed this hovering, teasing, driving me to distraction until I virtually had to use all my strength to push him down inside me. I would then feel instant gratification, like an alcoholic desperate for her first drink – there, there it is at last!

As he fucked me, he licked his middle finger and gently twiddled my clitoris making me shake with him inside me and increasing my appetite for him to carry on even longer.

We rolled over and I climbed on top of him, taking control, leaning back to feel him deeper inside me, then leaning forward, brushing his face with my tits.

He then flipped me over and fucked me deep and hard from behind. In fact so hard that I couldn’t move but gasped at the wonderful force inside me.

As he neared a climax he pulled out and exploded all over my breasts and stomach and I smeared it over myself like it was a luxurious body lotion. We both collapsed on the bed in each other’s arms, listening to the rain tapping against the window.

So far it had been a pretty good day at work. This was the best meeting I’d had for a while. I just wondered what would come up for Any Other Business…

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