You might just do for me

You might just do for me
I say ‘might’, as we’ll see.
Only time will tell and show
Whether the distance we might go
But there’s something about you
That gives me a rosy hue.

You’re not a film star pin-up,
But I’ll try your essence in my cup,
To taste what you can provide,
To split your shell open wide.
We seem to want the same from life
A lover, friend, but not a wife.

I haven’t stirred in quite a while
Just by seeing someone’s smile
Or a pair of deep blue eyes
The rate of my heart they made rise.
The bar had a busy, noisy drone,
Yet, it felt like we were alone.

I was so awkward and shy
But there was no need to try
For the chemistry was there
The secret formula in the air
We need to meet again, I think,
Prove it was more than just the drink.

So what do you say, lovely guy?
Want to give this thing a try?
Let’s get closer, lose the table
Have some fun, if we’re able.
Let’s have a go, take a chance,
Take some steps in the seduction dance.