Ode to my buzz / Protest song

My buzzer’s like a ‘zz zz’ noise

That’s perfectly in tune

Oh, my buzz is like the ecstasy

That turns me to a lune


As great are you my buzzing friend

So much in bliss am I

And I will switch you on, my pal

‘Til all your power has died


‘Til all my thrills tire me, my friend

And my body takes no more

But I adore you still, my friend

Even when you make me sore


So in the drawer, my lively friend

Save your juice for later

When we meet again, my friend

For more buzzing, I wager.

Apologies to Robbie Burns and anyone who admires his work!

Protest Song

My silver bullet is my special friend

She knows just what to do

She touches me like nothing else

And turns me all a pinkish hue


My silver wand of magic power

Takes me away from here

Soaring high like a bird of prey

Over snow-capped mountains we steer


The ground so far below, it looks so small

I want to stay this high,

And not return to this body,

As the sparks from top to toe fly.


Oh, silver bullet don’t fade away, please

Stay strong for me, my friend

I need your special touch below

To feel the great tingles you send


But four nights in a row – is that too much?

Does it really all say

That I’m addicted to your buzz?

Other pleasures have gone away


So I don’t have a choice in this pursuit

I lie alone in bed

With just a pillow by my side

And my hunger needs to be fed.