Full moon/strange dream

I was at a party in an unfamiliar house. The music was trance-like and hypnotic; the lights were dim with flashes of primary colours. I felt light-headed and carefree; this was clearly a point in my life when I wasn’t weighed down by the burden of responsibility or the need to leave at a specified time. I was totally free.

We were in a large hall, me and a crowd of young, beautiful people. I had no idea what I looked like, as there were no mirrors, but did not feel out of place. The music vibrated, pulsated and whirred around us.

A boy with curly brown hair and intense green eyes walked over to me. We were strangers, but something about him made me feel drawn to him, like we had a deep and unique connection. He held out his hand and said: “Let’s get out of here.” I nodded and followed, not for a second thinking this was a little rash.

He led me down a long, dark corridor which had no doors on it, just a dimly lit room at the very end. As we neared the room I could see it was lit in red and purple and had the sense of being a separate entity to the rest of the building. It felt rather like a little garage, shed or well-renovated cave. But it was warm and secluded from the main party. No one had passed us on the way, so it seemed safe from prying eyes.

The boy looked at me full on and I could now see his face in all its glory. He was handsome in a pretty kind of way, with rosebud lips and soft, smooth skin – not my usual type, but I still wanted to kiss him, still wanted to feel his slim body against me. There was something primal in my attraction to him.

He leaned in, no words spoken, and kissed me, first with soft, gentle pecks, then with passion and hunger, our teeth colliding.

But as he kissed me, something strange started to happen. He seemed to growl and his smooth skin started to feel stubbly. I carried on kissing him with my eyes closed. When I did finally open them, the sight of him should have struck me with fear, horror and revulsion and I should have run as fast as I could. It didn’t, though and I stayed.

His face had sprouted fur, his nose and features had broadened and elongated, his teeth had grown long and sharp, his ears had shrunk to be replaced by small, pointed velvety ones on top of his head. His clothes were in a heap on the floor, ripped and frayed forced off by his broad, long-furred body, complete with clawed paws and a long tail.

But still I was not afraid, I just wanted to stroke and smell him, to feel his head snuggled against my now-naked breasts. He did not want to hurt me; I was instinctively sure of this. Maybe it was why I had no fear.

His long flat tongue licked me, first on my hands, then my face, then my breasts. I held him close as his tongue reached for my neck.

Then… “Ouch!” A little nip on my shoulder. I shrunk back, more surprised by this than his initial transformation. Then my head started to tingle, my senses seemed heightened and I could suddenly see much clearer, hear the trance music down the corridor – every twist and turn of it, smell the musty earthy scent of my companion.

I looked at my hands. Little hairs were starting to grow on the backs of them and my nails seemed to be getting longer. I felt my face – first downy, then hairy. Within minutes I had taken on the appearance of the wolf-boy. We were now the same.

He howled and licked me. I licked and nibbled him back, and then we playfully bit each other’s necks, growling and barking.  I stopped for a second and he padded behind, placing one paw, then the other on my shoulders. I felt him enter me and we went at it vigorously, yelping and barking. He stayed inside me for a few moments as his penis swelled and I clamped around him. We eventually rolled over and lay in a heap of fur, nuzzling and grooming each other’s coats.

We fell asleep, warm, contented and bound together in mutual affection. I had never felt more comfortable or had such a deep bond with another living thing. We even breathed in time as we fell deep into our slumber.


Pip, pip, pip! With a jolt I am rudely awoken by the sound of my alarm clock. In my own bed, alone in my pyjamas, confused and disorientated.

Note: After ejaculation the male wolf’s penis swells so it cannot be pulled out for some time. It sometimes takes an hour to return to its normal size.